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At Oliver Project Solutions, we provide comprehensive project management consulting services, catering to both part-time and full-time engagements.

Our client-centric approach is characterized by a customization of our services to align with the unique requirements of each client. Our suite of services encompasses budget tracking, project planning, stakeholder communications, cross-functional collaboration, requirements gathering, reporting, customer feedback analysis, SPRINT facilitation, scheduling, and various other essential facets of project management.

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Methodology & Approach

Running a successful program requires a high level of expertise and experience, and at Oliver Project Solutions, we have both. Our program managers are equipped with the skills, knowledge, and leadership qualities to manage complex initiatives with ease.

Our program management services include:

  • Defining program vision and objectives
  • Developing a program roadmap and timeline
  • Identifying and managing dependencies
  • Managing program budgets, risks, and issues
  • Leading cross-functional teams and international development teams
  • Providing regular updates to stakeholders
  • Ensuring program alignment with business strategy

We understand the challenges of running programs with multiple projects, dependencies, and stakeholders. That’s why we take a systematic approach, using proven methodologies and tools to ensure seamless program execution. 


Our Technical Project Managers (TPMs) are not just leaders but seasoned experts in the intricacies of the software development life-cycle. Each TPM at Oliver Project Solutions brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of Project Management and Agile methodologies to the table. Armed with industry-recognized certifications, the following are a number of various certification we have on staff:  




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