Oliver™ Roll-up Grilles

Roll up grilles has been designed to offer maximum visibility and freeness of air circulation while providing absolute security.




MANUAL – Operates by simply lifting the handle in the middle portion of the door or on the bottom bar by means of helical torsion spring which are designed according to the door opening and sizes. A hook if provided to pull down the shutter.

CHAIN – mechanically operated through endless chain, sprocket and reduction gear. Heavy duty helical springs are incorporated inside the barrel assembly to help ease the operation shutter.

MOTOR – Automatically closes and opens the rolling shutters and grilles, each motor is provided with and limit switch that will prevent overlapping during operation. In case of power failure, both rolling shutter and grilles can be manually operated.

REMOTE CONTROL – Each transmitter is coded for maximum security. The remote control enables the user to operate from a distance as far as 26 meters.



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